district committees

Arts in Education

The Arts in Education Committee ensures equity of access and opportunity to Arts In Education programs for K-12 faculty and students. 

- Ensure equity of access and opportunity to Arts In Education programs for K-12 faculty and students
- Promote implementation of New York State Learning Standards for the Arts
Ensure that Arts In Education programs are aligned with the District’s Curricula and the priorities articulated in the Comprehensive District Education Plan
- Act as a resource and clearinghouse to identify high quality Arts In Education programs, artists, and residencies while developing strategies to integrate these programs into the K-12 academic program in an integrated and multidisciplinary fashion
- Make professional development recommendations to the Comprehensive District Education Planning Team

•    Sandy Kane - CLS Music Teacher
•    Cynthia Baer - RHS Art Teacher
•    Kathy Giles - RHS Art Teacher
•    Marvin Kreps - Director of Curriculum and Instruction
•    Vivian Mandala - Parent
•    Pat Sexton - Parent
•    Tom Burnell - Assistant Superintendent for Support Services
•    Mary Ann Bovee - Secretary


Building Level Planning Teams

Each of the three schools has a Building Level Planning Team (BLPT) who meet monthly to guide planning and strategy for specific school initiatives. The teams are composed of teachers and parents, and are led by the school principals.
- For more information on the CLS BLPT, contact Brett King at 871-5570, x5571.
- For more information on the BMS BLPT, contact John Kemnitzer at 871-5500, x5552.
- For more information on the RHS BLPT, contact Dr Edwin Davenport at 871-5500 x5501.

Comprehensive District Education Plan (CDEP) Committee

The Rhinebeck Central School District is an educational community that provides an excellent learning environment and is dedicated to the development of every student’s generosity of spirit, passion for learning, and ultimate success. The CDEP is complex, having several components that affect the District’s educational programs.  It sets forth a clear vision for the future of the District.  The full text of the CDEP can be found at the District website.  The CDEP is both a process and a product. The central goal of the process is to continuously improve the quality of all educational programs in the District in order to increase student achievement. The product is a document that has many carefully articulated components.  These components translate into action the District’s Mission, Vision, and Values. For more information, please contact Marvin Kreps at 871-5570 x5545.


Wellness Committee

The mission of the Rhinebeck Central School District’s Wellness Committee is to ensure that all students and staff in the district have access to healthful foods and opportunities to be physically active in order to grow, learn and thrive, recognizing that healthy eating and physical activity are essential to achieve their academic and physical potential, optimal mental growth and lifelong health and well-being.

The RCSD’s Wellness Committee is committed to providing a school environment that promotes and protects students' health, well-being and ability to learn by supporting healthy eating and physical activity including lifelong healthy decision making. The school district will promote student wellness by providing opportunities for good nutrition and physical activity, in its educational programs, school activities and meal programs.

-    Dave Aierstok – RHS Physical Education teacher and Health and Wellness Director RCSD
-    Isabelle Burkhart - Parent
-    Thomas Burnell – Assistant Superintendent
-    Terri Hall - Parent
-    Beth Hauptman – Food Services Director
​-    Brett King – CLS Principal
-    Marvin Kreps – Director of Curriculum and Instruction
-    Bonnie Murphy – School Nurse

-    Policy:  Isabelle Burkhart, Thomas Burnell, Terri Hall, Rufia Payman (advisor)
-    Curriculum:  David Aierstok, Brett King, Marvin Kreps
​-    School Foods: Thomas Burnell, Beth Hauptman, Bonnie Murphy

​For more information, contact Tom Burnell,, Brett King,, or Terri Hall,