PTSO Teacher grantS

​What is a PTSO Teacher Grant?

PTSO Teacher Grants are for teachers to provide supplies, activities or field trips for their students.
The PTSO strongly encourages teachers to apply for both Mini (under$100) and Maxi (over $100) Grants at any time during the school year.

Application Deadlines

September 25, 2015
1st Grant Deadline 

January 22, 2016
2nd Grant Deadline 

April 8, 2016
3rd Grant Deadline 

How Do I Apply?

To apply, please print out the form (by clicking the button above) and submit it to either Debbi Mimoso or Janet Sistare at the PTSO.  You can leave it in the PTSO mailbox in any of the school offices. Each application is first reviewed by your building Principal. Once the Request is approved by the building Principal, the PTSO Executive Committee discusses the Grant Request and either approves, denies or seeks additional information.  Approval of grant funding is based upon many factors, including: availability of funds, the number of students served, adherence to school policies, and enhancement of curriculum, as well as regulations such as fire codes, etc.

When approved, the grant request is then submitted to the RCSD School Board for review and approval of the receipt of said funds. The School Board then notifies the PTSO of its decision, whereby the PTSO remits the approved funds to the RCSD via the Business Office. At that time, the PTSO Treasurer will contact you regarding the outcome.

How Do I Get Paid?

Note that all funds are paid through the RCSD Business Office.  For reimbursement of items you are paying for yourself, you must submit the purchase order to: Christine Natoli in the RCSD Business Office    To order an item, contact Christine Natoli in the Business Office to create a P.O. (Purchase Order). 



Any questions, please call Debbi Mimoso, Treasurer, at 871-4849 or Janet Sistare, President, at 698-0362.Thank you!