RSF Teacher Grants

Like the PTSO, the Rhinebeck Science Foundation (RSF) is dedicated to helping teachers in Rhinebeck who aspire to do more than their current funding allows. RSF funds grants which allow for hands-on learning programs that incorporate science, math and technology through a broad array of inquiry-based and exploratory processes. They encourage long-term, thematic projects. 

RSF favors Grant Applications for long-term projects which incorporate all of the following factors:

Presents students with real life applications of science, math and/or technology;
Encourages hands-on, problem-based learning;
Builds on concepts across multiple grade levels;
Encourages the linking of subjects across multiple disciplines;
Impacts a maximum number of students;

Includes professional development to implement the project;

Partners with colleges or other community resources.

RSF also provides Teacher Mini-grants. These applications are considered up to $1,500 (+/-), with a rolling application cycle throughout the school year. Please be aware that all applications are considered by the Grant Review Committee and will not be approved or denied in less than 3 weeks. If the Committee has questions or suggestions, they will be brought back to the applicant for discussion.

RSF additionally gives each school a small Principal’s Discretionary Fund to which Teachers can apply for more modest requests.