what we do

For over 30 years, the Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO) of the Rhinebeck Central School District has played an integral part in supporting our student body with an enriched learning experience. The Rhinebeck PTSO supports the Rhinebeck Central School District in many ways. This year, the PTSO has planned many activities and fundraisers that will continue to enhance our schools and allow us the financial means to carry out new ideas and activities.  The PTSO supports a broad array of programs, such as Arts in Education, BMS Circus, and Elementary After-School programs, as well as funding numerous grants submitted by teachers. The PTSO also works with Faculty and Staff to develop fun and rewarding programs, to supply needed classroom items, and to fund numerous out-of-school learning experiences.  Much of what the PTSO provides is beyond the reach of the school budget.  Our teachers and students have benefited greatly from the work and dedication of the PTSO. So we hope that you will help us to continue this worthwhile mission! If you are new to the school district, we extend a special welcome to you! We’re excited to receive you and your children into our Community, and hope that you will feel at home here in no time at all!​


During the 2013-2014 School Year, the PTSO distributed almost $30,000 to the Rhinebeck Central School District. These funds provided our teachers and students with many educational items and activities that would not otherwise not have been possible.  Our Community continues to be extraordinarily generous in sharing its time, talent and financial support! Find out more here.

Teacher Grants

Besides our fundraisers and annual programs (listed below), the PTSO provides teachers with the opportunity to request funding for items and activities through our Teacher Grant Program. In 2013-2014, the PTSO provided teachers received with over $12,000 in grant money, as well as a grant of $10,000 to the Arts in Education Committee. We extend heartfelt thanks for the hard work of our fundraising chairperson and the many volunteers it takes to accomplish this.

Annual Activities and Fundraisers Sponsored by the PTSO

Did you know that the Rhinebeck PTSO funded Programs and Grants last year totaling almost $30,000? Here are some of them:

  • $10,000 to the Arts in Education Committee
  • Senior Citizen Prom
  • BMS Circus
  • Field Days at CLS and BMS
  • Dr Ron, Scientist in Residence at CLS
  • Field Trip to Bowdoin Park for 1st grade
  • Field Trip to Montgomery Place for grade K
  • Field Trip to FDR home for 2nd grade
  • Field Trip to Locust Grove and Mohonk for 4th grade
  • Playaway Audio Books for 4th grade
  • Activity Table for grade K
  • Blocks for 1st grade
  • Bird songs/Audioplayer Grades 10 - 12
  • Printing of 5 issues of HS newspaper
  • Smart Document camera for Music Dept.
  • Television for 7th grade
  • Touring performance for HS English
  • White Board for 6th grade
  • iPad for Music Dept.
  • Recess Equipment at CLS
  • Movie pass incentives
  • Ice Cream for 8th grade moving up ceremony
  • Teamwork Counts for 3rd grade
  • Scholarships 


In addition, the PTSO coordinated:


  • The Giving Tree project, resulting in over $2000 in classroom equipment for CLS teachers.
  • The Library Gift book project resulting in over $1000 in books for the CLS library.
  • Book Fairs at CLS and BMS resulting in over $2000 in books for teacher classrooms.


PTSO Meetings and Membership

The Rhinebeck PTSO welcomes all parents and teachers to the General Membership Meetings held in the Rhinebeck High School Music Room at 7:00 pm. Please come and ask your Principals and Superintendent any questions you might have, in this comfortable and informal setting. Also, we now offer free babysitting services during our meetings! The Schedule of General Meetings can be found here.